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US-2982319-A: Apparatus for spraying and/or dispensing liquid patent, US-3016089-A: Cylindrical pressure headbox patent, US-3033587-A: Independent front wheel suspension patent, US-3041632-A: One-piece sheet metal sink rim guards or the like and method for making the same patent, US-3067292-A: Stereophonic sound transmission and reproduction patent, US-3078885-A: Portable, power hand-guided saw mounting device patent, US-3081800-A: Frame grid patent, US-3083620-A: Open floor grating patent, US-3084011-A: Magnetic recording of measuring processes patent, US-3091751-A: Computing device for optical landing systems patent, US-3091900-A: Work supporting means for centerless grinders patent, US-3094442-A: Methods of producing extreme flatness in heat treated stainless steel and the like patent, US-3099828-A: Protective circuitry and indicating means for rectifier systems patent, US-3103161-A: Barbecuing apparatus patent, US-3108424-A: Side delivery rake patent, US-3123198-A: Closure cap orienting apparatus patent, US-3152593-A: Hair extracting device patent, US-3156781-A: Called-line tone-signaling system patent, US-3167372-A: Interchangeable wiring devices patent, US-3175656-A: Means for mounting acoustical ceilings patent, US-3179280-A: Closure for containers patent, US-3181099-A: Liquid rheostat patent, US-3186830-A: Melting process patent, US-3222800-A: Apparatus for shrinking wrappers of packages patent, US-3224749-A: Oxygen injection lance patent, US-3229387-A: Reading aid for the blind patent, US-3241572-A: Apparatus and method for cleaning textile machines patent, US-3243858-A: Fastener components adapted for electronic heat sealing patent, US-3245770-A: Continuous cylinder spinning of glass patent, US-3259669-A: Hydrocarbon conversion process patent, US-3296148-A: Stabilization of anhydrides patent, US-3309727-A: Foam shave applier patent, US-3322254-A: Cam operated repeat mechanism patent, US-3331106-A: Tamper-proof security clip patent, US-3332199-A: Carton closing machine and method patent, US-3349810-A: Heddle bar locking device patent, US-3352306-A: Intravenous catheter assembly patent, US-3371445-A: Double sliding flush plug door gasket patent, US-3379691-A: Polyurethanes cured with the reaction product of 2-chloroaniline; 2, 5-dichloroaniline; and formaldehyde patent, US-3385153-A: Methods of tuning musical instruments patent, US-3386391-A: Well apparatus and method patent, US-3437150-A: Variable pitch propeller system patent, US-3442727-A: Emulsified nitric acid blasting composition and method of preparing same patent, US-3444827-A: Dough forming device patent, US-3449845-A: Earthmoving scraper bowl suspension with safety features patent, US-3458161-A: Pilot aerial survival system patent, US-3464310-A: Incurvated fastener patent, US-3469318-A: Dental handpiece instrument patent, US-3486474-A: Lubricant cooling system for sewing apparatus patent, US-3487788-A: Hydraulic unit patent, US-3488837-A: Method of making hollow cylindrical molded armatures patent, US-3491954-A: Air flow regulator for a pulverizer patent, US-3565363-A: Takedown reel patent, US-2415320-A: Differential drying of resin-impregnated fabric to obtain differential dyeing effects patent, US-2416548-A: Boiler plug patent, US-2421505-A: Bottom rail assembly for venetian blinds patent, US-2446663-A: Fan deicing or anti-icing means patent, US-2450039-A: Isomerization process patent, US-2487745-A: Door latch patent, US-2499588-A: Process of treating dilute aqueous rubber dispersions patent, US-2501181-A: High-frequency cavity resonator apparatus patent, US-2514541-A: Flight indicator patent, US-2520016-A: Mounting of electrodes in electron discharge devices and method of fabrication patent, US-2529272-A: Flared jamb furnace door frame patent, US-2532028-A: Mounting for price tag moldings patent, US-2534801-A: Electric motor control system patent, US-2548333-A: Fines separator for solvent extraction systems patent, US-2569438-A: Hollow grate bar assembly patent, US-2572785-A: Door operating mechanism patent, US-2585653-A: Mounting structure for warning and signaling illumination apparatus patent, US-2615220-A: Drum clamp device patent, US-2621009-A: Suction telescope and mounting patent, US-2627894-A: Automobile seat construction patent, US-2652336-A: Margarine package patent, US-2654347-A: Combined power steering and shimmy dampening patent, US-2659306-A: Means for varying the circumference of printing cylinders patent, US-2678554-A: Padlock patent, US-2688837-A: Twisting head patent, US-2702626-A: Tool carrier patent, US-2703034-A: Automatic projector film loader and threader patent, US-2733079-A: worlidge patent, US-2733932-A: stidham patent, US-2744750-A: Stabilizers or cushioning devices for railway trucks patent, US-2755650-A: Receptacle arrangement for washing machines patent, US-2758951-A: Glass-reinforced plastic article patent, US-2784976-A: Self-locking ball bearing hand chuck patent, US-2793731-A: Mobile conveyer machines patent, US-2798770-A: Latching device for automotive wheels patent, US-2800605-A: Traveling wave electron discharge devices patent, US-2801650-A: Filling structure patent, US-2832475-A: Holder for plug type electric fuses patent, US-2858756-A: Harrow hitch patent, US-2869023-A: Microwave amplifier tube patent, US-2872137-A: Sectional aircraft fuselage patent, US-2876886-A: Vegetable shovel and conveyor construction patent, US-2878631-A: Apparatus for assembling containers patent, US-2883701-A: Apparatus for molding v-belts patent, US-2894632-A: Drum disc filter patent, US-2915254-A: Tension and diameter control for a winding motor patent, US-2916450-A: Lubricating oil containing an alkaline earth metal sulfonate, a co-neutralized nonyl phenate, and a metal diamyldithiocarbamate patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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